[Hieroglyphs of the Creatives]

This year has shown me that the truly [creative] individuals of the world process it differently. They view things differently. They listen differently. They think differently. Yesterday, I was on set for a photoshoot in East Atlanta right outside of Little 5 Points and found myself submerged in creative inspiration.

I’m not sure how I never stumbled across the Krog Street Tunnel, but it’s an awesome outlet for artistic expression. Completely embellished with graffiti, the tunnel houses interesting images, wise words, political statements, and a clear love for visual art. Unlike several hot spots for graffiti, the KST isn’t about tagging territory or defacing property, it’s about freedom and unity. It felt like I was walking through a modern underground tomb filled with the hieroglyphics of an amazing tribe; a tribe stemming from a culture of free spirits and open minds. Check out some of their coded language below.

Hieroglyphs x TNN 2

Hieroglyphs x TNN 3

Hieroglyphs x TNN 5

Hieroglyphs x TNN 6Hieroglyphs x TNN 7

Hieroglyphs x TNN 9Hieroglyphs x TNN 10