TNN Artist & Repertoire [The Weeknd]

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As of recent I’ve been in a different kind of mood when it comes to music. An artist that has been the soundtrack of my life for the past week and a half now is none other than Toronto’s very own, Abel Tesfaye. The 20 year old singer/songwriter commonly known as “The Weeknd“, no “e” is redefining R&B one sound bite at a time. Many say that his sound reminds them of Frank Ocean, Aaliyah and The Dream however, I believe he has his own voice; and I like it. With the current release of his mixtape House of Ballons, I am sure that this is only the beginning for him and I look forward to what he has planned. Be sure to download his mixtape and experience the ┬ásounds of The Weeknd for yourself. This message has been delievered and approved from the division of TNN Artist & Repertoire.

The Morning x The Weeknd [House of Ballons]

The Weekend – The Morning