The Resurrection of Wednesday Nights

Friday is normally the day when everyone wants to go out and let loose after a long week of school, work, or whatever it is you do. I’m all for a great Friday night but why wait so long? This week [The No Names] hosted the Launch Party for [The Reckless Rebels] at SLICE (259 Peters Street) and started the weekend off a little early for everyone. Live DJ, food, drinks, pictures and some of the best people were all in the building. The attire was really chill, I even put on my sneakers. No loafer or blazer was needed this night. You had a good time? Cool. Next week we’re doing it again. SLICE has asked [The No Names] to host every Wednesday Night. We have class on Thursdays along with meetings, practices and study sessions too. Find what’s best for you and stick with it. Just be present next Wednesday or remain stuck on that HUMP. No excuses.