I’m All [Washed Out]

As I made my way home on the subway today, Washed Out’s Life of LeisureĀ EP was blasting through the speakers. No, not through the train’s speakers, but through my headphones’ (that would be cool though, huh?). Also known as Ernest Greene, this synthopop artist is getting ready to drop his latest project Within and Without in the next few days and it’s expected to be pretty good.

Within and Without is Washed Out’s debut LP and it’s set to drop one week from today. The 9-track album ranked #5 on Complex Magazine’s 20 Most Anticipated Albums of the Summer, so I’m sure he’s been getting some good buzz lately. If you’re like me when it comes to music, this guy will definitely have some awesome selections for your summer soundtrack. Check out some of my favorite [Washed Out] tracks and see how you vibe with them.

[Feel It All Around]
[Washed Out]
[Life of Leisure]

[Amor Fati]
[Washed Out]
[Within and Without]