In Love We Trust x Jhene Aiko

A few months ago, my godsister turned me on to a special little lady with a hard name to pronounce and my ears have [fallen in love]. Jhené Aiko’s sailing soul(s) mixtape has literally taken over my iTunes library for the past two months and I’m nowhere close to being tired of it. The beautiful, multiracial (Japanese, Native American, African American, Black Spaniard, Dominican) young artist recently dropped In Love We Trust, the first single from her upcoming mixtape, Soul(ed) Out, and I’m definitely into it. From the second the beat drops to the very last “turn me up, don’t turn me down,” the track takes me to a good place that I don’t mind staying forever. The song features Casey Veggies, her fellow Cali native, who adds a dope verse and just the right amount of hip-hop flavor to take the song to another level. I’m looking forward to more good stuff from Miss Aiko (aww-ee-ko for all of you that were wondering) and you can trust that this won’t be the last that you see of her on [the no names]. For now, check out In Love We Trust and download your free copy of the single below.

[In Love We Trust (ft. Casey Veggies)]
[Jhené Aiko]
[Soul(ed) Out]

[Download Here]