Falling Back in Love with [Fall]

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had this amazing love affair with the fall. Without a doubt, it’s the most beautiful period of the year and around this time those emotions always start filtering back through my mind. The weather is perfect, the skies are calm and grey, & the colorful transformation of the leaves is enough to stir my spirit in the best way.

After being stuck indoors for the last few days, it was great to spread my wings and get some fresh air. I journeyed a few blocks over to Downtown Brooklyn for lunch with my friend Matt, then made a quick stop over in Fort Greene Park to take in the atmosphere of my neighborhood.


It’s nice to see that the storm hasn’t slowed people down too much. The guys were over at the basketball court shooting, little kids have been running through the streets, and the energy is starting to pick back up.

Hopefully, the subways will be up soon and I can find my way back into Manhattan. I could never get tired of Brooklyn, but I’m really starting to miss the city.