Size Does Matter & Bigger is Better

An American Contemporary Artist Influenced by Pop Culture

Art comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. The beauty of it all is that it can be interpreted several different ways; the eye is capable of viewing an object, the brain recongnizes it as art and our emotions take control of everything else. Jeff Koons is an American Artist known for his contemporary works of art that are often centered around Pop Culture. Koons studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago, received a BFA from the Maryland Institute of Art as well as honorary doctorates from the School of the Art & Design  Institute of Chicago and Corcoran College of Art & Design.

Accompanied by¬†an abundant amount of education, experience and awards, the work of Koons is highly appreciated and has been seen in numerous exhibitions around the world. In 2008, seventeen of Koons sculptures were displayed in France at the Chateau de Versailles. This marked the first exhbition of an American Contemporary artists at the esteemed Chateau. With his works ranging in millions of dollars, his sculptures aren’t the only thing BIG. Inflatables, Sculptors, and Paintings, Jeff Koons does it all. Koons has been able to take things to the next level and has no limits. Big ideas, Big commitment, Big bucks. According to Jeff Koons, size does matter and bigger IS better.

TateShots NYC: Jeff Koons

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