Jovel Meets Jo

You’d be surprised at how many amazing individuals you can come across in a city stretching just 15 miles with over 8 million random strangers (also known as New York City). Last February during Fashion Week, Kyrell and I met Sergio Wonder & James Field, the creative geniuses behind [Sergio James] and it seems like 2 is a magic number. These best friends developed a brand driven by a passion for art, design, and creativity, with a faceless entity resting at its core. His name is [Jo].

Based in Harlem, New York, these two young men have already built credible names for themselves in the fashion industry. 25-year old Sergio received his degree in fashion marketing and design from American Intercontinental University in London and the Miami-native currently serves as the visual merchandiser for a number of retail locations in New York City, including Tommy Hilfiger. Tackling a completely different area of the industry, James, a native of Pennsylvania, serves as an assistant editor at OWN Magazine. Between the two of them, their [Sergio + James] video series on James’ blog, The Black Nouveau, has gotten the pair quite a bit of attention. Looking at them in action, you can clearly see how well they vibe with one another. After bumping their heads together, the concept of Jo came into existence and it’s been constantly evolving ever since.

[Jovel Meets Jo] 2

Aimed at attracting an eclectic group of individuals and lifestyles, [Sergio James] offers a distinct set of [statement pieces] to any and everyone, from the conservative guy that likes one or two simple items decorating his wrist to the girl that loves bold accessories. The guys recently dropped their debut collection, which features wooden bracelets and necklaces offered in high gloss red, green, and black paint, as well as a natural wood finish. The series brings Jo to life in a number of forms, from brooches to large- and small-sized pendants. The pieces are currently available for sale and the two are preparing to launch their Spring 2012 collection soon. In fact, their accessories will be featured in the Jillian Papa Spring 2012 show, taking place tonight at The Cove in Brooklyn, NY. The event starts at 8:30 and will have music by DJ Lil Ray and a performance by BUBBLES. If you’re in the area, check it out. You may get to run into Sergio and James, and maybe even Jo if you’re lucky.

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[For pricing information and to get your hands on Jo, check out the [Sergio James] shop on BigCartel.]

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