Just What The Doc Ordered

I’m not licensed, but I’m going to give you a nice prescription to help you get over the severe case of Dr. Martens Fever that you’re going to catch if you read the rest of this post.

Read these directions carefully:

  • Rush to your local Doc Martens retailer and pick up 2 sets of their colorful take on these classic varieties.
  • Take a dose of these styles in any of their beautiful, bright flavors, wearing them regularly until symptoms cease or the Spring/Summer 2011 season has ended.
  • If symptoms continue, supplement these 2 styles with the additional styles featured at the bottom of this post.

If you asked my opinion on what the perfect example of a classic boot is, I’d probably have to say Dr. Martens. However, the brand goes far deeper than your average boot. The footwear company has been providing consumers with dozens of styles of shoes, sandals, and boots for over 50 years. With the Spring/Summer 2011 season quickly approaching, the company has revamped some classic styles of footwear, throwing in a number of new colors, patterns, and textures. For the Adrian Tassel Loafers and Brogue Wingtips, Dr. Martens added a splash of color combined with a smooth, lightweight suede body. The Tassel Loafer is priced at $100, while the Wingtips are valued at $110. Both styles are available in shades of Dark Grey, Midnight Blue, Teal and Fuschia.

A┬ácommon misconception that I frequently hear is that Doc Martens are female shoes. I’m not sure how anyone could possibly believe that, but trust me when I tell you that this shoe is perfect for any guy or girl with enough confidence to rock them, whether you get the fuschia wingtips or the brand’s infamous Cherry Reds. This collection also features a number of other styles, colors, and patterns, including the new series of Doc Martens Saddle Shoes, several pastel-tinted oxfords, and the company’s newest set of floral-patterned footwear (now those might be specifically for the ladies).