The Future Through A Kaleidoscope

Kaleido x TNN 1I love seeing Andy Gilmore‘s work. He’s an American digital artist based in Rochester, NY that has a knack for combining geometric shapes and patterns with brilliant colors to make stunning pieces of art. Each one of his digital pieces makes me feel like a 7 year-old looking through a kaleidoscope. I used to get lost in that thing for hours looking at all of the colors and shapes. Gilmore’s work takes this kaleidoscopic effect to a new level. With every glance, I feel like I’m entering some futuristic galaxy infused with colors and lots of space. It’s an amazing journey for the imagination.

Listen to the preview of Skream’s Wibbler below to get the full [futuristic] effect then check out some of his pieces below.

[Outside The Box]

Kaleido x TNN 3

Kaleido x TNN 4

Kaleido x TNN 5

It’s amazing how much someone can do with a bunch of triangles and a splash of color.

Kaleido x TNN 6

Kaleido x TNN 7

Kaleido x TNN 8

Kaleido x TNN 9

Kaleido x TNN 10

Kaleido x TNN 11