[Kanye, Skateboards, & Secrets]

Yesterday was a nice day, in more ways than one. As I walked out of my door that morning on my way to church, the weather felt amazing and I knew I had to make some type of outdoor plans. Later in the afternoon, I grabbed my [skateboard] and headed over to [my secret spot] on campus to completely and totally relax.

There’s something about getting time to myself that I’ve really come to value. The past year has shown me that you will always be your best company. If you can’t enjoy a day by yourself, you might need to take a look in the mirror and figure some things out. I spent about two hours in seclusion, just to read, listen to some good music, and fight the pavement. [Kanye] kept me company and we had an awesome conversation about life, people, and making moves. His Thank You and You’re Welcome book is filled with some awesome lessons to meditate over (plus, it’s a quick read, so there’s no excuse not to check it out). It got me in a much-needed state of focus. After unapologetically belting out a few songs and breaking a light sweat on my board, I headed back into the world to knock out some work. It may have been a brief vacation, but it was definitely well-spent.