[TNN Press]: Viva La Velvete Spotlight Interview

When you’re able to follow your dreams and do what makes you feel complete all while being an inspiration to others at the same time; it keeps you grounded and motivated to do even more. At least thats what it does for me. My new friends over at Viva La Velvete have been following my journey and wanted to give their readers a more in-depth look of who Kenneth Kyrell really is. Answering the questions made me think and recall some pretty exciting and life changing moments that I have experienced thus far. Many of which I would of never imagined happening but I am extremely happy and blessed that they did. Go check out the [spotlight interview] and see what I had to say about success, inspiration, the influence of culture and much more. While you’re at it check out some of the other featured spotlight interviews from Skye Townsend, DJ Zeeti and Timmery Turner just to name a few.

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