[Factory Files]: Kreemo Spring 2012 [Drop #1]

Kreemo‘s back at it again, and they recently dropped five new designs from their Spring 2012 collection. The guys over at Kreemo are friends of ours and I’d consider them to be members of The New Factory that I’ve been talking about this year. If you’re not familiar with them, get in the game. I’m sure you’ve seen them or elements of their brand somewhere within the past month. Their trademark artistic style, backward K’s, and familiar figures have been constantly blending into the world of hip-hop across the country. If you’re still not sure, hang up and try again later.

Kreemo SS12 Drop 1 x TNN

The designs are simple, but the impact is strong. Five new prints, different colors, and a good price. Each shirt runs for $30 and you can get them all now at Kreemo.com.

Kreemo SS12 Drop 1 x TNN 1

Kreemo SS12 Drop 1 x TNN 2

Kreemo SS12 Drop 1 x TNN 3

Kreemo SS12 Drop 1 x TNN4