TNN Brand Awareness: Kreemo [Summer 2012]

They say when people are quiet, they are usually working or plotting their next move. [TNN TIP: Everyone shouldn't know your every move. Make the move then talk about it, not the other way around]. The Kreemo gang has done just that with the recent release of their Summer 2012 drop. The cool kids are back on the block, pushing weight- and its all legal. Kreemo has introduced a variety of new designs that are moving fast, which is nothing unexpected. Its safe to say, they’ve been doing this for some time now.

With the new black Kreemo text Snapback, the first time ever Kreemo Raglan Baseball Tee and all the other new tank tops and T-shirts for both men and women, I am sure there is something for everyone featured in this collection. Kreemo is a visionary brand that strives to live up to their consumers’ expectations when it comes to comfort, creativity and imaginative designs. The Hustle has produced results once again worth talking about. Now go take an in-depth look at their new lookbook and purchase something while you’re at it. Oh yeah, tell ‘em TNN sent you!