TNN Stocking Stuffers: Top 3 Picks x Kreemo

Product: Top 3 Picks x Kreemo

The people I surround myself around are like no other. I don’t consider myself to be the typical 21 year old so therefore the people in my circle are what I call [Young Moguls in The Making]. One of my favorite Brands and no stranger to [The No Names] is one that offers a variety of limited edition products that include; t-shirts, sweaters, knits and accessories. The brand is the product of two of my boys and Morehouse Brothers, B. Write and Dez. You’ve heard of it before and if you haven’t consider yourself being put on to game. The name is Kreemo. I’ve chosen three Kreemo products that are perfect stocking stuffers for the holiday. I encourage you to act fast because there is no telling how fast this inventory will last before its all sold out. The recently released Kreemo Pull Over Hoodie is also available for the ladies in pink, along with a few other shirts and tanks. With that being said, there is no reason as to why ¬†your favorite girl does not have Kreemo merchandise to call her own. Go make your purchase and tell ‘em [The No Names] sent you!

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