Hustle With Vultures Late Nights [Life + Times]

Everyone wants to be a “hustler”, make moves, make money and tweet about how stuntastic their life is. Yeah for many its a dream, one in which they may never wake up from. For others its a form of inspiration to advance to the next level. I’m all for a little trash talk but there are a lot things I will not say until my bank account says it first. Its like going to a foreign country and not being fluent in the native language. In other words, it just doesn’t make sense. A BOSS, HUSTLER, and CURATOR smoother than Persian rugs who is taking it to the next level and can say whatever he wants is no other than Shawn Corey Carter. The albums, the influence, the ownership and the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain; what could he do next right?

Jay-Z has recently launched a LIFESTYLE website called, Life + Times. The website will serve as an online magazine that will cover Style, Art & Design, Sports, Technology and of course Music. When you’re at the top of the game not only do you make the rules but you call the shoots. You have the ROC in your hand with three seconds on the clock, what’s your next move? Now thats what you call a Cashmere Thought.

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