[Inside the Artist's Studio]: Liza LaCroix

Last month, I found myself in the heart of SoHo at Gallery 89 for a special pop-up gallery, and in fact, the first solo exhibit, for Liza LaCroix, a young artist from Montreal who’s been immersing herself in the New York art scene and building a solid name for herself throughout the city.

Now based in Brooklyn after moving to NYC 13 months ago, Liza LaCroix is the epitome of a young artist living the New York lifestyle and blending her passion for art into a growing career. Between creating her pieces in the studio, working as an art handler, serving as a nude figure model for art classes, and even serving wine at galleries when the occasion calls for it, everything she does seems to revolve around the world of art. She’s completely immersed. And drawing inspiration from visual sources like Peter Greenway films and paintings from Rothko, or other stimulating life experiences, such as love and “good sex,” the little girl that began making art back in her pre-school days is living her dreams and making quite the impression.

Her most recent collection is titled “Works” and was inspired by pierrots from French pantomimes and portraits of hyper-sexualized Babylonian women. Created over a span of 5 months, each piece explores the power of emotion in the human countenance. Using oil paint on lexan and mylar, Liza’s defined brushstrokes add a type of dialogue to the art that ties a rather grim, but vivid story to the expressions and the colors utilized amplify the inherent darkness of the work even further. You can get a little taste of her trill nature and love for southern rap from a few comical titles for her pieces, such as I love head and caressing a voluptuous ass or And yeah I’m quite fine, but shawty much finer.

I’ve heard that the art world is small, but now, I know it more than ever. Not that I’d consider myself a visual artist, but this past summer, I contributed a piece of work to an art magazine, Visual Mag, which is preparing to launch next month, and I got a text from my editor last night saying that he talked to Liza, who had mentioned me to him along with [the no names]. Unbeknownst to me before I had ever seen her work or decided to do this post, her work was already being featured in the publication as well. It really makes me feel pretty special to know that one of my projects will be featured among artists, like Liza, that I respect and who inspire me to explore and experiment in the visual realm.

Other than our features in Visual Mag, what’s next for Liza LaCroix? She’s currently working on a special portrait for Nomenus Quarterly, a limited-edition folio publication that showcases original and unpublished images that typically runs for about $2,500 an issue. Yeah, that’s a grip. It’s easy to see why NYTimes.com refers to it as the world’s most expensive magazine; however, for an artist, I’m pretty sure that its pricey pages make for an amazing place to have your pieces on display. In the meantime, Liza’s “Works” exhibit is still on display over at Gallery 89 on Mercer Street. Head over there between now and November 13th to see her amazing collection in person; trust me, it’ll be worth the trip. For more art from Liza LaCroix, check out lizalacroix.tumblr.com and visit CANDAMILL.com for exhibit and buying information.