[Love, Sex, and God]: Sex Rules x Sky Ferreira

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Anyone who hasn’t seen clips or pictures from Calvin Klein‘s latest campaign for CK One must have had their eyes closed for the past month. Since its release on March 1st, magazines, billboards, and the internet have been flooding with footage from the campaign, which features over 30 special models from across the globe, including Rob Evans, Cassie, and Lara Stone. One special addition to the cast was Sky Ferreira, an 18-year old singer from Los Angeles, California. Her song Sex Rules was featured in the campaign and is the third single off of her As If! EP, which was released last week. Sky’s been getting a lot of buzz lately with her previous singles, One and Obsession, both of which broke charts in the US and the UK. Sex Rules has been stuck in my mind for weeks and I see so no signs of it wearing off. The mastered version can be heard in her behind-the-scenes video from the CK One shoot, but I prefer the unmastered track. Check it out below.

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