[#MakeItCount]: Casey Neistat x Nike FuelBand

[The Case]: The Make It Count short film for the Nike FuelBand
[The Suspect]: Casey Neistat
[Charges]: Creating an amazing, yet fresh execution to promote one of Nike’s newest products
[Evidence]: 3Million+ views in one week, innovative thinking, 29 hours of footage in 10 days
[Verdict]: Guilty

YouTube Preview Image

This spot is the topic of the day in my Strategic Brand Management class and I think it’s an amazing production. We’re actually still here talking about it and, maybe I’m just an advertising geek, but I’m pretty inspired right now. Some of my classmates (the jury) are failing to see just how effective this spot is (because it doesn’t focus specifically on the band or sports, like Nike is typically known for). Well, I don’t allow basic thinking in my courtroom. The huge incorporation of lifestyle and bold action is a great spin and it really makes me want to do something great. Thinking outside of the box when it comes to building a brand moves you into so many new markets and mindsets! My verdict’s in and Casey Neistat‘s guilty. He’s guilty of being more than average. He’s guilty of thinking outside of the box. He’s guilty of [winning]. Check it out.

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