[Factory Files]: Pryourity x Masters of Fate

Let’s flash back to New Year’s Day, back to our first post of 2012, when I introduced the idea of this New Factory, a cohort of individuals and brands that I consider the next line of game-changers and icons for our generation. As I’ve looked around me and evaluated some of the circles that I find myself in, I’ve felt the inspiration and creativity radiating from a few key people and my good friends over at Pryourity fit that mold.

Driven by the motto “Yours is Ours,” Pryourity is a lifestyle brand that champions individuality and inspiration; oh, and they make some dope clothing too.¬†Coming fresh out of their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, the Masters of Fate¬†hooded pullover is inspired by symmetry and man’s drive to be creative and inspire. Salvador Dali‘s infatuation with the rhinoceros horn, which he felt symbolized divine geometry due to its spiraled growth, was used to embody this message and serves as the key imagery for this special piece. Amplified with an Escher filter, the graphic is meant to exemplify dreams and desire; a desire to carve out one’s own path in life.

Priced at an easy $45, the pullover comes with ribbed cuffs and a front pouch to keep you comfortable as you transition into the new season.

Head over to Pryourity’s online store to get your Masters of Fate pullover now.