More TNN Stocking Stuffers: Icons of Men’s Style

Product: [Icons of Men's Style] by Josh Sims

I know a lot of people say they don’t want clothes for Christmas, right? Well, unwrap this instead.  Author Josh Sims is taking his readers on a trip back into the various eras of men’s fashion with Icons of Men’s Style. This book features almost 200 pages of some of the most iconic figures, looks, and pieces of gentlemanly style. More than just pictures, the pages are filled with pop culture references and detailed backgrounds on everything from Aviators to Blouson Jackets. I read about this book in a recent issue of Nylon Guys and, after flipping through it myself last night, I’m definitely about to order my copy. You can order yours now on Amazon and have it by Christmas. It’s only 5 days away, so don’t take too long!