[Red Carpet Blitz]: My Met Gala 2013 Starting Line

Earlier today, as I was getting ready to leave work, my co-worker shocked me when she mentioned tonight’s Met Gala. It’s crazy how quickly a year can pass. It feels like I JUST finished covering the red carpet looks for last year’s event on Kontrol Mag’s blog! Well, it’s that time again and the theme tonight is PUNK: Chaos to Couture! Sounds fun, right? The red carpet was filled with a variety of looks and, as expected, the best and worst were out in full fashion. No need to discuss the worst, so just check out my A-Team below!

Anne Hathaway has officially been elected my QB for the night, supported by Gwen Stefani as the halfback and Marc Jacobs as the coach. Miley‘s playing as the center and, with how amazing she’s been on every field (red carpet) I’ve seen her on over the past few months, Rooney Mara can be my wide receiver.

Met Gala A-Team x the no names