Some of you will look at this and say its too long to read while the rest of you are probably wondering where all the cool pictures are. Well, don’t stop now; keeping reading! While I am on this natural high, I feel it is necessary to say a few things. Within the past few weeks things have been extremely… different (for a lack of a better word). I don’t know if its the New Year, the weather or just me BUT the way I’ve been seeing things lately have been just that– different!

I just walked into my apartment from an exceptional dinner with some very influential people who dropped nothing but gems tonight! After enjoying the exquitste eight course meal and aged wine, I could do nothing but think about all the things that I have been experiencing first hand recently as I gazed out the back window of the black town car cruising down the West Side Highway. Living in a city such as New York, you are exposed to many things and even more people who have the power to make you want to better yourself. That is if you are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take some initiative. Speaking of initiative, where do people get this “fairy tale” belief that things will just happen with little to no action? You want to be the next big thing but you’re sitting at home on your computer looking at blogs and reading magazines saying to yourself “thats going to be me one day” as you try your hardest to duplicate what you see. Inspiration is one thing but this belief of “making it” within an 8 hour night of rest and distorted perception of self is another. Get over it, quick! Its not becoming. If you really want it, you may find yourself not sleeping at night, working til you physically and mentally can’t go anymore. You have to go into…


Now, I’m no Dr. Phil nor am I the author of some self-help book, BUT the equation is quite simple. You want it, work for it, go get it. Don’t get too caught up in the hype of “making it over night” or “making coins” that you forget about the imperative steps it takes to get “there” and most importantly  the strategic process of staying there. If you want to be the BOSS, know what the BOSS does. The title means nothing if you have no idea of the responsibility required of the title. Oh and this whole #turnup epidemic is getting out of hand. People are out here “turning up” and being “about that life” with no accomplishments or reasons to “turn up” for. Don’t get me wrong now, I’ve had my moments too BUT I soon realized that toasting to my accomplishments is so much more fulfilling than having one too many… just because. Or better yet, turning up in the club that you own with the liquear that you endorse with the people you call your friends who just so happen to be getting money too trumps all those over “turn ups”.

“Ky, slow down… you’re young. You have so many more years to focus on that stuff!” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, we both would be set for life. How dare you let someone tell you to slow down? Why not go into overdrive now and get ahead? After all, every second you wait thats an opportunity granted to the next person that may just take your spot, get your dream job, have their name on that dotted line. You see where I am going with this? There is no better feeling than seeing your dreams and aspirations come to life. YOLO but when you are smart about it, once is enough!  Don’t get caught up in the “right now” that you lose sight of what could possibly be. All you own and all of which you have accomplished thus far can and will be gone tomorrow if you’re not careful. As cliche’ as it may sound, how hard you go and how far you get is up to you!