[A Night at the Museum]: MFAH Mixed Media Designed by IKEA

Hours after I had learned that my hometown of Houston, Texas was named [the coolest city in the U.S. to live in] by Forbes Magazine, I got a crystal clear idea of why. Friday night, I celebrated a friend’s birthday at the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown H-town and I had an experience that I’m not really used to out here. For the longest time, I’ve been wondering where the tastemakers of this city hang out on the weekends and I finally found them.

The museum hosted their Mixed Media party, a cool event sponsored by IKEA & Stella Artois, and the crowd was young, diverse, and beautiful. This was the first MMParty since November 2008 and I’m glad that they brought it back. Soft Metals, an electronic duo from Los Angeles, performed a quick set and their music is out of this world. Packed with awesome beats and airy vocals, the crowd was happy and pumped.

It was great seeing style, art, music, and fun all in one room. I actually felt like I was in New York City again. The party got me super excited for my move next month, but in the meantime, I think I’ll be just fine down here in Houston. Ha, I guess the Dirty South isn’t quite so dirty after all. If you’re in Houston next month, come out and experience it for yourself. They’re hosting a second party on the 24th and I’m sure it’ll be another dope occasion.