Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Spring 2012 [Modern Prep]

You want color, you want blazers and you appreciate the look and fit of a tailored garment? Well Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2012 Men’s Runway Collection will satisfy all of those needs. Menswear seems to be heading in a direction that not only fascinates me and has me wanting more but also makes me extremely proud to be…a MAN. Its about time us men have the luxury of having options when it comes to a well tailored garment that isn’t boring that provides us with plenty of color, print and those extra bits of flare that we all so desire. I remember dressing myself in Tommy from head to toe back in my days of playing on the playground and bag lunches. As I’ve matured and acquired a more decadent taste for fit, color and design; so has the brand of Tommy Hilfiger. My selections have been made and my closet has been re-arranged. Introducing the Modern Prep

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check out the collection below