[Muted Stories]: A Love Story for the New Age

I’m proud to say that I called it from the jump. The very second that I first [experienced] Lana Del Rey, there was a sort of electric impression that she left upon me. I knew that she was far from your regular singer, and she reminds me of why I’ve come to love her more and more with each new video that she drops.

For National Anthem, she pulled in A$AP Rocky to help her recreate a picture-perfect Kennedy love story (aside from the assassination, of course). As I watched this story from start to finish, I couldn’t help but think over and over how amazing this young woman is. Like every other video, I sat in front of my computer shaking my head in awe the entire time. She does it right. Completely. This woman gets it in a way that so many people don’t. She’s got sex appeal for days, creative vision that can’t be ignored, and an amazingly unique voice that, even if you aren’t a superfan of, you can’t help but respect. It’s so funny to me how artists like Nicki Minaj get so much hype, but these authentically amazing creatives get put on the back burner all the time. Well, not this one. Not anymore. Lana Del Rey is here to stay. Get with that or get on.

[Red. White. Blue.] I salute you, First Lady Rey. Check it out.

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