[Collabs]: OAK NYC x Liaison Femme — Alpha & Omega

Some stores and brands just get it. They understand the concept of [cool] and leverage that understanding, even if it’s in the simplest of ways. Naturally, when these brands join with other creative forces, the result is awesome. A few days ago, my buddy and I came across these collaborative mini-films from OAK NYC and Liaison Femme, a collective of the world’s leading female DJs. Titled “Alpha” and “Omega,” the two-part video project was directed by the talented Awol Erizku and features DJs Jasmine Solano, Kitty Cash, and G*Lee.

Last fall, I got the idea to buy a projector and create a loop of videos, from fashion shows and music videos to short films and campaigns, that will play over and over again in my room. I think this project would be an amazing addition to my queue. Imagine a tiger and a bunch of girls walking across your walls with waves splashing and flames dancing. #atmosphere