[Off the 2]: A Social Experiment in Music

As August comes to a close and classes begin, my mind keeps thinking back to the summer and all of the amazing people and experiences that were a part of it. My time roaming Manhattan during the day and resting my head at night in Brooklyn Heights was unforgettable. I already miss getting off of the 2 train at Clark St. and taking it easy after a long day at Y&R NY. Music is a great way to solidify special memories into one’s mind, so I thought a mixtape to mark the end of such an important chapter of my life was more than appropriate.

[Off the 2][Get the free download now]

[Off the 2] was an important project for me. It was a celebration of my time in New York, but more importantly, I wanted to celebrate the people around me; the ones that read our content, that follow me and my daily life (whether it be on Twitter or in person), and that make this blog and all it stands for worthwhile. With that said, I’m calling the mixtape a [social experiment] in music. I think of music as something very intimate and personal. Someone’s music library can say so much about how that person thinks and looks at life. I wanted to see what would happen if I got a number of different individuals to open up their playlists to me and then put them all together in one virtual environment.

Without disclosing any details, I asked for submissions earlier this summer from people that follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, my Facebook friends, people I worked with, and those closest to my heart. I sorted through about 120 songs and distilled the list down to 28 special songs, including some as interludes and featuring the rest as full-length tracks. It wouldn’t be a celebration to the amazing people that contributed if I didn’t give them credit for their submissions. Each song has special customized cover art featuring designs taken from the floor tiles at the Clark St. subway station in Brooklyn. The mixtape also features special soundbites that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a subway station. This free download comes with a special “stop by stop” guide, displaying each track’s cover art with special info about the people involved.

Stand clear of the closing doors…
The 16 of us are taking you for a ride.