[Ooh, Pretty Colors]

Electrical Way
Zoos of Berlin

This music video comes from Zoos of Berlin, an experimental pop-rock quartet hailing from Detroit, Michigan. However, they’re not the topic of this post. The video for their song “Electrical Way” was directed by a popular design & direction firm out of Brooklyn, New York called Pomp&Clout. This talented company has taken on a number of projects, ranging from music videos to motion graphics, for major clients, which include Apple, Nike, Visa, Warner Bros., CNN, BBC, Scion, and several others. Click [play] and get ready to go on a visual journey.

The graphic design and digital editing in this video stand out to me for so many reasons. The most evident thing is the elaborate use of color throughout the entire video. It reaches out and grabs you! Secondly, I love the arbitrary nature of the video. There’s so much randomness incorporated into the project, but it flows very well together. You can check out more of Pomp&Clout’s work on their vimeo page or at PompandClout.com.