Don’t Think About It, Just Wear It. [Rita Ora]

I’m a Southern Gentlemen at heart, born and raised. There is not one thing I would change about that either. Growing up in the south things were a bit different and I suppose you can say people were a little more judgmental but it builds character and a sense of self; or at least thats what it did for me. There are so many things about this city I now call home that I love but one of the things I appreciate the most is the fact that so many people are themselves and are not afraid of being themselves– in more capacities than one. I’m not saying this is the only place in the world where that happens but you can always count on seeing [individuals] throughout this city. I tend to think of them as part of my [modern-day super hero] movement. Its a pretty cool clan to be involved with..

Rita Ora | TNN Style Spotlight


An artist that I’ve been following for sometime now (back to her Craig David featured days) is Rita Ora. Her music is fun, her personality is big and her unapologetic style and mixing of high fashion with street chic is something that I appreciate. Its been said that she’s “jacked” a few looks but we all know we shouldn’t believe everything we hear… right!? Take a minute to google a few “vintage” images of Ora and you’ll soon realize that she is no rookie in the game. Been there, crossed ‘em up and continues to go for the grand slam! Rita is an avid supporter and even bigger promoter of [wear what you want, when you want, however you want]. A message that I hope to see more people take into consideration within the near future. Rita’s brand seems to get bigger and bigger each day and I am sure we will be seeing and hearing more of her. Check out this video sponsored by VEVO and McDonald’s to get a look at what she (and her stylist Kyle Devolle) had to say about her day to day looks. Don’t think about it, just wear it!

VEVO Stylized [featuring] Rita Ora 

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