[TNN LifeSTYLE]: Orange Slices

Yeah, so it’s been a minute since you’ve heard from me, but I have a valid excuse or two. Having a 9 to 6, a best friend in town visiting for the week, and an agenda filled with this and that keeps you busy. More than just busy; it’ll exhaust you at times. At this point, I’m trying to take the pace down a notch (for the sake of my physical and mental health), but it’s not so easy when you’re used to doing 100mph on the regular. The other day, I tried to “relax” by strolling around SoHo, one of my favorite areas of the city. Maybe I shouldn’t have picked a place with so much going on.

orange slices x tnn x 1

In spite of the frantic energy buzzing left and right, it was a great day. Since the sun was out and the weather was amazing, I dressed light and added a fun dose of color. I’ve been obsessed with [orange] lately and this sweater from Joe Fresh made my week.