Parisian Gentleman.

A Gentleman who has gained my attention and has prompted me to do a more in-depth search to learn more, is none other than the one and only Mboko Ndimba Mobutu. I remember receiving an annoymous message via Tumblr about two months ago that read “I loved this look from you! Keep it up!”. Attached was a link to a photo that was a man in an orange suit, yellow sweater and velvet slippers. One small thing. It wasn’t me. Intrigued by the photo and the comparison, I did my research. Mboko Ndimba Mobutu is a Paris-based stylist and editor for weekly French fashion magazine “Be” (Lagardère group) and online monthly publication GHUBAR Magazine. Mobutu’s style incorporates color, class and what I call [sophisticated edge]. His impeccable looks are completed with his signature frames and an exisqute bag/tote of some sort. A connoisseur of Fashion, Music and Art;  Mboko is the mastermind behind M.B. by Moboko Ndimba Mobutu where you can find an array of inspirational content. In my opinion, this Gentleman is by far one of the [Best Dressed Men] of today. Style tested, TNN approved.

*more of Mboko’s looks below.