Modern Super Heroes On The Move

A designer who is able to create a garment that is classic yet still current, young yet still sophisticated that embodies a ready to wear tailored fit is none other than Phillip Lim. Mr. Lim will have you feeling like a modern day super hero ready to save the day all while looking extraordinarily well doing so. Phillip Lim recently launched a promotional visual to showcase his 2011 Fall/Winter Mens collection for the 3.1 Phillip Lim brand entitled “Weavers”. According to Phillip, the short film is based upon,“… three strangers going about their day, they cross paths, and feel a kindred spirit because of the way they dress.” I like to think of it as a secret society of three who all value the importance of looking superb in the midst of making moves and taking over the world.

The film “Weavers” was directed by filmmaker and photographer Andrew Paynter with music by Sebastien Perrin. The title of the film represents the rug-making techniques that was a major influence for Lim’s most current designs. The music, the models, the lighting, and the location are all great representations of this collection. There is no question as to why Phillip Lim is my favorite designer; in my eyes he can do no wrong.