[TNN on the Road]: The City of Brotherly Love

[tnn on the road]: brotherly love 1

Yesterday morning, as we prepared to head to an early meeting with two of our colleagues, Kyrell and I got word that their train from Philadelphia into NYC was delayed until further notice. Never allowing unexpected barriers to stop our productivity, we decided to keep our plans in tact and keep the work flowing. We packed our bags, met at Penn Station, and hopped on the first train to them instead. A little over an hour later, we set foot in [The City of Brotherly Love] and got to it.

[tnn on the road]: brotherly love 2

Even though it was completely business-related, it was nice to get a brief vacation from New York; you could even say it was healthy. And, of course, being in a new city, we couldn’t skip the chance to immerse ourselves in some type of culture-filled activity. After our work was done, we all headed over to Arch St. to check out the remarkable Fabric Workshop and Museum. Last night was the opening reception for Daniel Arsham‘s Reach Ruin exhibit and it was certainly a sight to see. You can check out the amazing pieces of artwork right now on our instagrams below. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

@jovelroystan x @kennethkyrell

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