A Night At The Museum [Picasso to Warhol]

What better way to enjoy a Friday night than walking through a decadent museum full of art work from all over the world from different eras? The High Museum of Art in Atlanta has an exhibit that I had to see with my very own eyes. Jovel, Gerald and myself headed to Midtown to the Picasso to Warhol exhibition. The exhibit features approximately 100 works of art by 14 iconic artists from the 20th century. This exhibition is one of the largest concentrations of modern art masterpieces that the southeastern United States has ever witnessed. The High Museum offers so much that will make for the perfect night of entertainment, culture and reflection. This particular exhibit will end April 29th, 2012 so don’t wait too long and risk missing it for yourself. It has been TNN tested and TNN approved. 

Highlights of the exhibition include:

Henri Matisse’s Dance (I), 1909; Pablo Picasso’s Girl Before a Mirror, 1932, andNight Fishing at Antibes, 1939; Jasper Johns’s Map, 1961; Andy Warhol’s Self-Portrait, 1966; Constantin Brancusi’sBird in Space, 1928; and Jackson Pollock’s, Number 1A, 1948.