[Puzzle Pieces of Culture]: Dominic Lord x Pierce

It’s important to have other people in your various circles with nice, blended tastes in culture. You never know what they’ll introduce you to when you’re not expecting it. My buddy Sham over at LateBoots did a post on a special piece of work from Dominic Lord, an ex-member of the A$AP crew and current solo act, and it struck me as more of a short art film than a music video. For his first independent track, Pierce, Dominic enlisted the help of artist Aram Bedrossian to create an amazing visual that should help get his solo career off to a pretty good start. Even more importantly, it really says a lot about Bedrossian’s creative vision and talent. If Dominic Lord continues producing work like this, he’ll definitely have a fan in me. I’m looking forward to hearing and SEEING more. Check out the video below and follow Aram Bedrossian’s tumblr to keep up with his work.

YouTube Preview Image

What people don’t get is that this was like a fashion project. It was shot by Aram Bedrossian, who doesn’t typically do video. He does stills. His work is amazing and the way he edits is fucking crazy. When I look at it now, we put together a video that you could pause at any given second and it would look like a beautiful still picture. Maybe people won’t fully get it today, but eventually they will understand.”