Brands on the Rise: Project NYC

Last week, PROJECT, one of the fashion industry’s biggest trade show events, went into full effect on Mercer St. in SoHo and, thanks to a special connection or two, my name was on the list for this exclusive event. It was definitely the place to be for anyone involved in the fashion industry. Lasting from Sunday to Tuesday, the show brought some of the most prominent rising brands from across North America into one communal atmosphere to showcase their offerings and network with one another.┬áThe PROJECT team also partnered with Splashlight Studios, The Blind Barber, and some of the country’s most influential bloggers, including Marcus Troy & the Madbury Club, to make this three-day event one like no other.

There were so many different elements to the event. With two floors filled with brands and their merchandise (ranging anywhere from swimwear to leather goods), retailers from across the country came to check out the latest collections being offered for the Spring/Summer 2012 season. One really awesome feature of the show was the series of live installations, in which select brands actually created products on location for visitors to see. Also, Splashlight Studios offered their services free of charge, including hair, make-up, and access to their high-quality set and equipment, for the brands, bloggers, street style photographers, writers and even guests to get any editorial shots they may have been in need of. The Blind Barber set up shop downstairs to keep all the visitors and brand reps looking nice throughout the week. They even hosted an after party on Sunday, which Kyrell, Ugo Mozie, Mike O, and I all went to later that night. Finally, the Blogger Project, which was produced by Marcus Troy, was placed upstairs and put the minds behind some of the biggest blogs right in the middle of the action.

Project NYC was the perfect place to connect with some of the amazing individuals and brands that make our industry go around. I came by myself, but I definitely didn’t spend much time alone. As soon as I got there, I started moving through booths and met some awesome people that I’m sure you’ll be reading about soon. A few of the brands and I talked about doing some features over the next season, so you’ll get to “meet” them in the coming months. For now, check out the shots below to get an inside look at Project NYC.