[Purebred Luxury]: Givenchy FW2011/12 Menswear

It’s not about how big the dog is or how loud it barks. It’s all about the bite. Well, when it comes to Givenchy, all three of these factors are forces to be reckoned with:

Size: They’re one of the largest luxury fashion brands in the world, and let’s just say their worth has reached 9 figures.
Bark: Their name is universal.
Bite: Their pieces take you there!

Riccardo Tisci released the company’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Menswear Collection earlier today in Paris. My advice before you read the rest of this post: have your rabies shot ready.

When I saw the first piece in this collection, my jaw dropped. As I continued through the stills, I would pick it back up, but somehow it would wind up right back on the floor. The theme was [mad dogs] and, personally, I’ve never seen a rottweiler look more beautiful. Little did most of us know, but Tisci gave us a huge preview of this collection with a little help from Kanye & Jay-Z. The cover for their H.A.M. single, which was designed by Riccardo, actually featured the collection’s main print.

[H.A.M. (Hard As a Mother****er)]
[Kanye West & Jay-Z]
[Watch The Throne]

These pieces brought ferocity and bloodlust to the runway like nothing I’ve seen before. I never imagined seeing rottweilers stamped across a collection of garments could look so good or opulent, for that matter. It goes without saying that a company can do anything (and do it well) once they’ve established a killer brand.

I feel like this collection is, for lack of a better word, GROUNDBREAKING! One thing that I love about the line, in addition to how wonderfully they utilized their color scheme, is that it implements so many casual looks. The line, as evidenced by the crewneck sweaters and varsity jackets, incorporates an urban, [west coast hip-hop] feel to a luxury line. The fur pieces, which include backpacks, baseball caps, and a few of the letterman jackets, were created with beaver fur and some of the models walked the runway adorned appropriately with dog collars. Also, be sure to notice the “dog ears” adorned on the tops of both the backpacks and caps. More along the lines of conventional Givenchy style, there were silk button downs, amazing coats, a nice collection of oversized frames, printed scarves, suits, bermuda shorts (worn with tights for the winter), and some crazy pairs of HIGH-top sneakers.

This line is sure to attract an entirely new fan base, allowing the brand to set a huge impression on the urban market. I’m more than confident that this collection will be going down as one of the most memorable of 2011.