Another One… [Inspired by Dr. Meg Jay]

So I’ve been reading this book entitiled [The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter- and How To Make The Most Of Them Now] by Dr. Meg Jay  which subsequently is the inspiration for this rant. If you missed my first rant I posted a few months ago then you may think this is a bit different from our typical kind of posts but hey, sometimes it calls for a few changes. This has been one of the best reads I have picked up in a while and it has allowed me to explore many of my daily thoughts in more depth. One of which being the classic experiment in psychology known as [the jam experiment] discussed in the reading. It’ll make more sense if you’re unfamiliar in about 9.5 seconds…

There have been several times when someone has asked me how I have time for all the things that I do and how do I seem to do them all so well. In reality, I have so much to improve on but its quite simple and I’ll even put it in the terms of the experiment itself, “I’d rather have six different flavored jars of jam than twenty-four.” Some may be confused by that statement but its not at all complex. In life we tend to have dreams and aspirations of doing everything; especially when we are young. There is nothing wrong at all with being ambitious and fearless but one must remember to be smart, strategic and willing to be honest about what you’re good at and what you’re great at– we all know just being “good” enough doesn’t cut it. Back to the jam reference– imagine being offered a table of twenty-four flavors of jam to taste compared to a table with only six. Most would believe that the table with twenty-four is more appealing however, the table with twenty-four flavors could lead to absolute confusion. Although the table offers more variety compared to that of the one with six flavors, after you try all twenty-four flavors your taste buds will probably have no idea what just happened, let alone be able to decipher which one you prefer most. The table with six choices provides fewer flavors yet enough variety for you to make a decision on which ones you like and which ones you don’t like. It may be cliche’- a bit corny even, but that same “experiment” and rationale should be applied to your life. I’ve had conversations with so many co-workers, friends and strangers, all of which want/do so much yet never seem to master the true skill of any of the numerous things they “do”. Keep reading I’m not done just yet..

To break it down a bit more, i’ll apply this to my life and give you a brief overview of my strategic “blueprint” if you will. Growing up I was always in touch with my creative side. It ranged from attending a School of Performing and Visual Arts to watching/assisting my grandmother make clothes to writing short stories in elementary school that my teacher would read to the class during “story time”. As I became older and realized that high school was almost over and it was time to enter college, I decided to major in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. There were so many people who asked and still ask why I did not go to a design school or even major in Art. After long conversations with my mentors, parents and most importantly myself, I understood and began to think of the direction I wanted my life to go. I did what made the most sense to [me] and [my] overall goal, which has unsurprisingly changed a few times after “tasting a few flavors” and deciding which ones I enjoyed and which ones were a bit bland for my liking.

Although I was a Marketing major in school I found various ways to do what I loved and get even better at them. Just to name a few, I was Creative Director of the Homecoming Fashion Shows as well as the Director of Styling years before which lead to working some of the most sought after shows during Fashion Week. I did freelance work for a few Atlanta based magazines and Styled a few artists/photo-shoots which lead to published work in major publications. In addition, I consulted Fashion Brands and Music Artists in between exams and final presentations which has lead to the interest of other brands for potential collaboration/partnerships. The summer after my Junior year I interned in NYC for a major Retail Corporation, networked within (and outside of the company) and was offered a full time position as a Fashion Buyer upon graduation which leads me to where I am now. You see how one thing leads to another and how another thing can create an opportunity within something else? Even down to [The No Names] itself- its all strategic. The brands/artists we highlight, events we attend and even the people we follow on twitter (and those who follow us). You see where I’m going with this?  Call me lame, call me crazy BUT I view life similar to that of a Buffet with endless options. Although you can have whatever you like, you should be aware of the aftermath and think about “how you want to feel in the morning”. Don’t get sick from mixing so much that it leaves you with an upset stomach and doesn’t allow you to savor the flavor. I believe I’ve said enough for now- RANT OVER!

- KenKyM.