Family Ties: RapSody [For Everything]

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Looking back on my childhood, it was one that was very eventful and shall never be forgotten. One of my favorite past times are the summers that I spent in the country of North Carolina, Snow Hill to be exact. Fish frys, speeding through back roads on my Go-Kart, and spending time with my grandparents and cousins — I couldn’t ask for more. She would pick me up in the Honda Civic with the windows down, music blasting and our destination was always to be determined.┬áIf you are an avid reader of [The No Names] then this is not the first time you’ve heard of this cousin of mine I am referring to.

Her name… RapSody. Signed to Producer 9th Wonder’s independent label Jamla Records, she has put North Carolina on the map and the name she continues to make for herself is one that you are likely to become more and more familiar with. She’s back at it again and the long nights in the studio and working non stop speaks for itself on her most recent solo project entitled [For Everything]. The download is imperative and all 14 tracks and every second of the 54 minutes will be space and time not wasted.

A little of what you can expect…

Rock The Bells ft. Kendrick Lamar

Rock The Bells x RapSody ft. Kendrick Lamar