Return of Simba x J. Cole

Fans of J. Cole have been waiting for what seems like forever for the release of his debut album (as in an actual LP, not a mixtape), but it looks as though their wishes are about to be granted. Almost two years after signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, the 26-year old native of North Carolina is preparing to enter full-blown promo mode for the album, which he expects to drop at some point over the next few months. After sharing several tweets declaring his excitement and claiming that the summer is his, J. Cole has yet to release the official title of the LP, but he did release a new single yesterday to calm everyone down until it drops. Making this the third song in his Simba track series, Return of Simba has a few declarations: 1) 2011 is his year (as he’s boldly claimed already), 2) he’s ready to change the game, and 3) he’s here to stay. If you haven’t already gotten acquainted with the first two tracks in the Simba collection, check them out below then get into Return of Simba.

[The Come Up Mixtape Vol. I]

[Grown Simba]
[The Warm Up Mixtape]

[Return of Simba]