Out On The Open Road [Ride x Lana Del Rey]

Its safe to say that I am one who tends to get bored with things quickly. When I find something or someone that is not only able to consistently occupy my attention but also open up a new world of thoughts, emotions and experiences, I am sure to hold on tight; as I have no idea the next time I may stumble across something just as great. A person, Artist and BRAND that I have grown to respect on so many levels is Lana Del Rey. Its like I know her when I really don’t and each time I think I know her next move, she surprises me. From advertising campaigns to lyrical content and stimulating visuals, her influence keeps me inspired and keeps me busy taking notes. When it comes to a strong Brand, one must understand how to keep their audience entertained and inspired without telling their every move. It goes back to the old saying, “Allow your work to speak for itself.” After all, the excitement factor loses its luster when you do more talking than doing. The time you spend talking something up can be spent making that same “something” even better. However, the ultimate task is finding a happy medium between the two. But thats another post for another day…

Lana Del Rey, Ride, TNN Music, The No Names

This visual for “Ride” from Lana Del Rey‘s [Born to Die- Paradise Edition] album that is now available for Pre-Order on itunes and in stores November 13th, was like any other visual from Lana Del Rey; pretty freaking awesome! It was cinematic, told a story that allowed you to drift off for a second to create your own all while being in tune with what your eyes were encoding and what your mind was decoding. I’m sure your interruption of this song/visual is different from mine but thats the most enchanting thing about it all. Press Play and enjoy the RIDE.

YouTube Preview Image