[Ignite & Inspire]: Robert Carter x Runaway

Having friends that share your appreciation of the visual arts is such an awesome thing. My buddy Keith recently transferred to Parsons and he hit me up yesterday to tell me how he excited he was to be in their library. No, we’re not geeks! The Parsons Library is filled with an awesome archive of brilliant art and he just knows that I’d appreciate it. Every now and then, we challenge one another regarding our knowledge of any and everything pop culture (only because we’ve come to greatly respect each other’s opinions on the subject). He sent me the picture below and asked me, [pop] quiz-style, if I recognized the piece or anything resembling it. Although I failed the quiz miserably, I got a little art lesson.

tnn x rob carter x ignite 1

It’s a shot of Robert Carter’s 2007 work, Ignite. According to Keith, it mirrored the opening for the All of the Lights scene in Kanye’s Runaway. Regardless of whether it actually served as a source of inspiration for Yeezy or just happens to have strikingly similar imagery, I got the urge to re-[experience] the short film while I was on my lunch break today. Needless to say, it was just as good as the first time. A good dose of creative energy never turns stale.

tnn x rob carter x ignite 2

[Click here to learn more about Robert Carter and see some of his other work.]