Style Tested, TNN Approved [Kingston Rossdale]

TNN Style Chronicles: Kingston Rossdale

Recess was okay but when my parents allowed me to dress myself for school the sandbox was the least of my concern. I was that one kid in the school who took pride in waking up early to get dressed as the cartoons played in the background and my Poptart awaited my arrival in the kitchen. One style icon (yeah I said it) who I feel is one of the best dressed living being walking the earth is none other than Kingston Rossdale. The 4 year old son of singer/designer of L.A.M.B., Gwen Stefani and Rocker Gavin Rossdale takes no prisoners when it comes to STYLE. This is one kid who puts many adults to shame, never disappoints me, and gives the paparazzi exactly what they want. Get out a pen and paper to take notes and be sure to pay attention. Kingston is ready to take us to school, playground optional; nap not included.