[Sawyer Park x Washington Ave.]

After spending a summer in New York and getting used to the lifestyle of the city, I can’t really list too many places that compare. Yeah, Atlanta’s cool if you’re into the whole Waka vibe and body heat, but I’m not that guy (usually). Give me a nice lounge & bar (like Whiskey Park at The W) or an open, properly lit club (like RDV in Meatpacking) any night. Now that I’m home for the winter break, I’m trying to actually get out of the suburbs and check out Houston, for real; I want to see all that it truly has to offer before I graduate in May and leave for good.

Marquis [Phifer] over at LateBoots is back in town for the Christmas holiday as well and we hooked up last night Downtown to find a move. By the end of the night, we found ourselves at Sawyer Park over on Washington Ave. and I was definitely satisfied with all that it gave. Downstairs, you have your typical sports bar setting with good people dancing and cooling out all around. Upstairs, switch the scene, drop the lights, and grab a jacket for the breeze. You’re outside on the rooftop in a relaxed setting that comes with an awesome view of the Houston skyline. To make Sawyer Park even better, the DJ spun one dope track after another. If you’re in the Houston area, check it out. It’s #tnnapproved.

[Sawyer Park]
[2412 Washington Ave.]

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