Shopping in SoHo

Now that Fashion Week is over, Kyrell and I are back to our regularly scheduled programming: early mornings, late nights, and extremely hectic schedules in between. Before we get back to our regular content, we want to share some more highlights from our NYFW experience with you.

One of my favorite experiences would have to be our time in SoHo. We took  a little break from our busy placements to roam through the numerous boutiques in the area. Phillip Lim 3.1, Opening Ceremony, and Odin were just a few of the stores that made our list. Shopping in New York is like no other shopping experience you’ll ever have. To my delight, the huge variety of stores seemed almost endless and each location had a great selection of pieces to sift through.

The No Names: Shopping in SoHo [Racks]

More than just the boutiques, the {energy} in SoHo is magnetic. The people that I came in contact with and the overall vibe of the area were both unexpectedly comforting. It felt like I was home.