Kenneth Kyrell Tested, TNN Approved.

TNN Product/Brand Review: Bö Essentials

I was always told that a Gentleman not only has exceptional manners, is intelligent and dresses well. He must smell good too. I am all about smell goods and having a signature smell that sets you apart from the rest. One of the most thoughtful gifts I received this holiday was a custom made set from Bö Essentials of everything a man needs to make heads turns and nostrils flare, in a good way that is. Bö Essentials was launched in 2000, by creator Thom Wells, with a vision to create aromatherapy products highlighting the understated elegance of nature, manufactured from natural ingredients. Not another chemical-laden, private-labeled beauty brand, Bö Essentials’ unique 100% natural products, are only available under the authentic Bö Essentials brand. The fact that you can create your very own smell with over 400 fragrances means that both men and women can rub on the goodness and soak in the greatness. What I like most about their products is that you can put it on in the morning and won’t have to reapply anytime soon. The smell and feeling lingers. With that being said head over to Bö Essentials and get to mixing and shipping.

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