Choppin’ It Up [Sunday Lunch in Soho]

Nothing is better than ending your week with great food, exceptional weather and even better conversation. My Sundays in the city thus far have consisted of relaxing, eating and mentally preparing myself for the upcoming week. I headed to one of my favorite places in NYC [Soho] with Jovel and our good friend Shay. We have been trying to catch up with her since Fashion Week back in February. Our mission was recently accomplished.

As we took a stroll thru the streets we ran into [Mottsu Japanese Restaurant] located at 255 Mott Street, New York 10012 (between Houston & Prince Street). The food was amazing but our conversation was even better. Our conversation consisted of blogging, relationships, NYC life, work and future plans; the food did not get in the way at all. The No Names and Silk and Suede [Shay's blog] are working on a collab coming soon to a computer screen near you. We are all about people who have goals that aren’t afraid to work and make dreams a reality. Meals are not free these days and i’ve never been fond of hand outs. Consider this your informal invitation to witness the journey. Don’t blink. You may just miss something.