TNN Stocking Stuffers: State of Mind Snap Backs

Product: FRESH.i.AM [State of Mind] Snap-back Hat Collection

With only two more days left until Christmas, its pretty much that time when you either are done with all your shopping or you are stressing about getting those last minute items. Don’t stress too much though. Nine times out of ten you won’t see everyone you purchased a gift for until after the actual holiday. This gives you a few more days to place a few more orders… rush delivery of course. Favorites of Theophilus London and as I call them the “Hu$tle Twins” [Dee & Ricky], the State of Mind Snap-back hats by¬†FRESH.i.AM are just right.

State of Mind is a collection of hand-crafted snap-back hats that feature 10 clean, bold designs that are deceptively simple yet heavy with meaning. Their purpose is to act as a simultaneous representation and reflection of the current state of things whose definitions enjoy the ability to fluctuate depending on context, intent and delivery. While coming across as a physical representation of our wants, needs and desires, the sole purpose is to make a singular statement that drips with a variety of interpretations… They are also under $60 and TNN Approved. Go place your ORDER now!