Go Tell It on the Mountain

Last week was filled with studying, exams, projects, and 10-page papers (translation: finals), but, for me, it all came to an end Thursday afternoon. Needless to say, my brain was drained and I needed a release. Thankfully, my parents were in town and they wanted to take me to Stone Mountain, one of my mom’s favorite places on the planet. They scooped me up from Morehouse and we headed east to get away from it all. This was my first time visiting the park and it was an awesome experience. Getting to check it out with my parents made it even better. They’ve only gotten to visit Atlanta about three times since I’ve been in school, so getting to do something special like this with them made the visit all the more worthwhile.

As a child, I was always outside chasing grasshoppers and digging holes in the backyard, so getting back to the outdoors brought back some great memories and took my mind off of things. The scenery was stunning. Around every turn of the trail was something that would take your breath away. The colors of the sky blending in with the changing colors of the season made the experience all the more captivating. Check out some shots below.